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About us

Funkhaus-Studio has a distinct set of qualities which set it apart from other recording facilities.

A large choice of rooms with exceptional acoustics

Originally conceived as a recording space for live radio productions, the facility offers a set of rooms with completely different acoustic properties, fanning around a spacious control room. There is a large hall with an imposing flight of stairs, a wooden room with 7m ceilings conceived for the recording of voice, the anechoic room, two rooms with variable acoustics, a natural echo chamber, even corridors and a phone booth with specific acoustics. Many foley accessories: curtains, doors, special floors easily acquire a new purpose in today's music productions. The vintage looks and charm of the rooms, is something unique which cannot be replicated. This is truly the funk house.

Outstanding location

While the Funkhaus-Studio is within easy reach of the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station, it is set in a world of it's own, protected from the buzz of the big city. Look out the window of our luminous chill out room and gaze at the river Spree. You are facing Treptower Park and surrounded by trees. Step outside, walk 50 meters, sit by the water and free your mind.


But you are not alone... The very large Funkhaus buildings are also hosting a community of over 300 artists, musicians, composers, producers, and small commercial companies. The location is often used for movie and photo shoots. Have a drink at the Milchbar and meet an artist, a rocker, a famous photographer, a movie star or a photo model…

About people and common global goals

Feel invited, chill out, enjoy the funky atmosphere…

The Funkhaus studio is managed by a team of martial artists, producers and engineers who decided to work together in H1-Studio (original name of this array of rooms), to bring it back to life. The studio has outstanding rooms with great acoustics, world class recording equipment, and the matching competence.
Of course, we have the cool tools, but our primary goal is to create an environment which supports creativity and expression: allowing you to realize your musical dreams. Creativity needs to be nurtured and sheltered. You are welcome in our house, a place where you meet competence, experience and open ears.

Services extend way beyond simple recording. We are musicians and producers, we will stand by you until you get the musical result you desire.

Guitarists and bass players we will help you to enhance your sound with our selection of vintage and modern tube amps. If you wish to explore new sonic territory, discover our outlay of analog outboard and digital processing.
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Keyboard and percussion players, widen your palette with our large array of synths, acoustic and electronic percussion instruments.

Singers, receive coaching* and feedback in order to select the set up and room which make you most comfortable, allowing you to get in touch with yourself, your emotions, your sound and elevate the level of your performance.

Need to gather your energy and clear your mind, join our free Qi Gong class, held daily in front of the Spree.

The Funkhaus is often used as a movie location, photo location, and also as a place to hold corporate or cultural events (event organizer on site).