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Sound Gates

he soundgates between H 1/1 & H 1/2, and between H 1/4 and H 1/5  are acoustically treated.

The soundgate between room H1-4 and H1-5, leading to the central control room,
was acoustically treated to achieve the character of a hallway or corridor.

Reverbertion times stretching from  0,25 s -0,30 s across the entire frequency range from125 Hz ≤ f ≤ 10 kHz; above 125 Hz reverbertion times increasing to 0,5 s
at 63 Hz.

The soundgate between room H1-1 and H1-2 is a passage leading to the central control room. It has a very short reverberation time, resulting in a subjectively very dry sound. It can be used to record electric guitar and bass cabinets.

As we apply all of these fine extras to contemporary music production, we discover what a great privilege it is to be able to record in these rooms today.