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H 1 - 4 (Large Hall with flight of stairs)

Net volume = 935 m³
Surface = 184,40 m²

H1-4 is the largest recording room of the former "Hörspiel 1"-Studio*, also formerly known as the Planet Roc Studio. It is characterized by the large flight of stairs which make the room very versatile. Placing cameras on the top landing and the audience on the stairs (up to 100 people), it can be easily used for audiovisual productions or live show cases.
Underneath the stairs is the natural reverb/echo chamber (telephone booth - gadgets for folly stairs, doors, curtains, all very useful).
The reverberation time in the central section of this large hall is 0,6 s ± 0,05s at a relative humidity of 50%. During the process of recording with many musicians and their gear in the room, the reverberation time can decrease down to 0,5 s ± 0,05s.

* Hörspiel: German for "radio play"

360° Panorama