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H 1 - 5 Anechoic room

Volumen netto = ca. 250 m³
Fläche = ca. 57,30 m²

This studio was designed to simulate subjectively the atmosphere of the free soundfield.It is a totally anechoic room with very high ceiling.
The space comprises many useful foley objects; several footpaths in the floor hold sand, gravel, cobblestones. There are also fake doors and curtains to create live sound effects. This room sounds very good for drums and vocals. Looking for sound examples: listen to the 2nd Phoenix Album.

When working on productions which require the simultaneous recording of large ensembles, while maintaining separation of loud signal sources, this room works perfectly in combination with room H1-4 (large hall), H1-2, H1-1 and H1-3.

360° Panorama